Some Beginner Techniques For Playing Guitar


Guitar may be one of your favorite. You can play guitar in a quiet cafe, in a studio, or in front of a huge crowd. You can think you are playing fine, but sometimes you may make the guitar uncontrollable and crazy. So, how can you do to control your guitar when playing? In this article, we show you some practical techniques for playing guitar to help you play better.

Techniques For Playing Guitar

Hold a pick properly

Techniques For Playing Guitar 2This can help you to ensure that you can play as fast as possible. The best way for you to hold a pick is holding between your thumb and bent index finger.

Remember not to pinch the pick because it will be hard to play fast. In fact, when pinching the pick, you will play harder by using your wrist and elbow. Making uneven picking angle is unavoidable. Don’t forget that you may prevent bad habits making your playing slow if you hold a pick properly.

Fretting Notes

Techniques For Playing Guitar 3It is considered to be one of the most basic skills for playing the guitar. Because of some bad habits, many guitarists slow their playing. To have a proper finger arch, you just need to touch only the string that you want to fret. Your thumb has to be placed behind the neck to reach every string. When you play closer to the fret, the potential for buzzing is also decreased.


Hammer-ons help produce a legato sound on a single string. For a guitar, legato doesn’t separate the notes. Harmer-ons is notated with a slur. Its slur is a higher pitch than pull-offs.

Techniques For Playing Guitar 4


They are opposite the exact of hammer-ons. You have to play a note before you fret a note when playing a pull-off. Then, don’t re-pluck the string and you just need to pull your finger off the first note. The notes will be smooth which is like hammer-ons.

String Bending

It’s a great way that can not only help you add interest to your playing but also raise the pitch of the note. Depending on the distance you bend, a number of pitch changes.  Normally, you can change in a half step or the whole step. To change it more, your fingers need to have some good calluses.


A pre-bent usually is accompanied by releases. They are often regular bent notes. Releasing makes the unbent return to, but the string is not left. It’s started with a bent note and ended with a normal fretted note due to the bending process is reversed.

Techniques For Playing Guitar 5


You execute it on a single string. Firstly, you play an only note. And then, your finger slides up towards the bridge or down toward the neck in the fretboard.  There are legato slides and shift slides. However, legato slides are the most common slides. They are shown by a diagonal line.


To have a good vibrato, you can use the ball of your hand as a pivot point for using your wrist muscles to pivot your hand while you want to fret a note. This helps pulsate the pitch of the note.


These techniques are very great for you when playing guitar. They give you an opportunity to improve your skill. No matter what your style is, these techniques also allow you to form a solid base if you execute them properly.


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