I’m always on the lookout for great erotica paired with an engaging story. Sometimes I forgive a weakness in one if the other is awesome. I even read ridiculous books sometimes for the funny factor and sometimes the shock factor (hedgehog erotica? tentacle breeding? yes, please). If I get to the finish line of a book like that, I give brownie points and add a rating grade. So now you know how sophisticated my taste is, don’t you want me to review your book? (HINT: Of course, you do!)

If you are an author who writes Male Dom/Alpha Male Erotic Romance, Dark Erotica, BDSM, or Short Erotica and would like me to review your book you can email me – lina.words@gmail.com. Please include the following information about the book you’d like me to review:

  • Book Title
  • Author
  • Publisher and Release Date
  • Genre
  • Length (appx words or pages)
  • Buy Link(s) (if available)
  • Blurb
  • Contest opportunity

I read on my phone, so e-books are my preference. I have the iBooks and Kindle apps, so ePub, PDF, or .mobi versions work best.

Please understand that I will always write an honest review.

Also, please understand that I cannot guarantee a review. It’s hard being me, reading as much as I do, beta reading, consulting on content edits, raising a rambunctious two year old, keeping house and a husband (yes, keeping him). So my priorities constantly shift and, while I try to read everything on my To Read & Review list, I simply cannot get to it all. And there’s also the minor detail of taste. I may not like the book, put it down, and move on another one. Nothing personal.

Please keep in mind that if the dynamic isn’t alpha male themed, I’m probably not interested.

The actual genre does not matter to me – Historical, Paranormal, Contemporary, Fantasy… etc., it’s all good.

I will not review books outside of the romance/erotica genre on this site. I’d like to keep this X rated, please. The more inappropriate it is for polite company, the more I would like to read it.